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Payame Bahai Story: Seysan By Najla Noekhah. مختصري از تاريخ نفوذ و انتشار ديانت بهائي در سيسان

Payame Bahai Story: Seysan  By Najla Noekhah. 
 مختصري از تاريخ نفوذ و انتشار ديانت بهائي در سيسان


Payame Bahai Story: Seysan By Najla Noekhah. مختصري از تاريخ نفوذ و انتشار ديانت بهائي در سيسان

ظلم جمهوري اسلامي ايران به 2700 نفر از هموطنان بهائي ساكن سِيسان در آذربايجان شرقي

Payame Bahai Story: Seysan By Najla Noekhah.

Stories About Seysan

A Meeting with the Blessed Beauty:
The Story of Mohammad Avval.

"Marhaba, Marhaba, Marhaba."
The Persian words meaning 'well-done' enchanted Mohammad Avval's ears as he stood in awe of Baha'u'llah's presence. After many months of traveling from the village of Saysan, Iran to Akka, Israel, Mohammad Avval and his companion finally met Baha'u'llah, the Blessed Beauty, the Promised One of all Ages, their Beloved, and their Lord.

The village of Saysan in Adhirbayjan was known for its many Baha'i inhabitants who had immediately accepted Baha'u'llah when he declared His Faith. While Baha'u'llah was imprisoned in Akka, many of these steadfast Baha'is traveled far and difficult distances to meet their Beloved. Mohammad Avval, a youth, and his friend thought that they should take some flowers to bring the beauty of nature to Baha'u'llah while he was imprisoned in a small and dirty prison. They took vases with bulbs of two narcissus, symbolically the flower of spring, on their journey, anticipating that they would be in full bloom when they reached Akka. While they were traveling, they always watered the plants before quenching their own thirst so that the flowers would be ready when they arrived in Akka.

After many months of travel on foot through dangerous terrain, they were humbled and enchanted to meet Baha'u'llah. It is said that when they met Him they presented the flowers and wept, exclaiming, "Make me a sacrifice; redeem and save my soul!" Baha'u'llah accepted the gifts and is said to have asked Mohammad Avval what he desired or wished for most. Mohammad Avval replied, saying, "You are my Lord; whatever you desire for me is the best I could ever ask for." In response to his great devotion, Baha'u'llah congratulated him three times with "Marhaba," and told him that he would meet great difficulties on his travels back home. Indeed, Mohammad Avval was attacked and lost his hearing, but this tribulation only strengthened his devotion to Baha'u'llah.

His son, Rezvanullah Avvali Seisan, carried the flame of the Baha'i Faith after his father and served as a travel teacher in Iran for nearly his entire life. His wife and children, descendants of Mohammad Avval, keep the memory of their illustrious ancestor who was graced with the opportunity to meet Baha'u'llah in their hearts today.

Stories About Seysan

The Story of my Heart
From Hand of The Cause of God Mr.Furutan's book.

"Seysan and its Baha'i Schools"

During the last months of 1931, on the instructions of the beloved Guardian, Effie Backer came to Tabriz to photograph the historical and holy places of the Faith in that city, and my wife Ataieh and I accompanied her to Saysan. From there, we wrote a letter to the beloved Guardian and asked permission to transfer to Saysan and establish a Baha'i school for girls and boys. After two months we received his response in which, among other points, his secretary wrote on his behalf:

... You have written regarding the arrangement for the school in Saysan, and the education of the Baha'i children there, saying that you and your respected wife, Ataiyyih [Ataieh], intended to undertake this project for a time, and to render the worthy service of teaching the children, fostering education, enlightening minds and perfecting the knowledge of others. this intention was accepted and is approved and is appreciated by the beloved Guardian, and he stated that it is certain that you will be confirmed and will meet with success ... This letter was written on the instructions of the beloved Guardian. (16 Sharaf 89, 15 January 1933.)

Soon after receiving this letter I received a cable from the  Central Assembly for Iran ( In those days the Local Spiritual Assembly of Tehran acted as the Central Assembly for Iran.) urgently summoning me to Tehran. It was winter time , the weather was very cold, and the roads were closed because of the snow. All the travel agencies I referred to gave a negative response, but on the suggestion of one of them, I decided to ride on an oil tanker to Tehran ! We had driven only a few kilometers out of Tabriz when we were stranded in snow and had to stop. Fortunately, there was a little roadside cafe in the vicinity and we took refuge there, but it was so crowded that we had to stand all night. The snow finally stopped, the roads were opened and we continued our journey. it took us four days to travel the distance between Tabriz and Tehran, but upon my arrival I immediately reported to the assembly. I was told that I had been appointed the principal of Tarbiyat School ( a Baha'i school for boys). However, when the instructions of the beloved Guardian were conveyed to them, they decided to postpone the appointment and I returned to Tabriz.
There, I began making the necessary preparations for our move to Saysan, and after saying farewell to the members of the Spiritual Assembly and friends of Tabriz, together with my wife and fourteen-day-old child, I rented a carriage and we began our journey to Saysan. We were greeted by the members of the Spiritual Assembly of Saysan and a few friends there, and were taken to the Haziratul-Quds where a room was given to us for our accommodation.
With the assistance of the Baha'is, the building of the school was soon completed, and about 700 students, boys and girls, began their education. In an amazingly short time, the students demonstrated magnificent progress in all their work, to such a degree that when the well-known Baha'i teacher, Mrs. Keith Ransom-Kehler came to Saysan, she expressed her great admiration of the school and its students, and later published an article to this effect in one of the Baha'i magazines.
At the end of the academic year I sent a report to the beloved Guardian concerning the Baha'i activities in Saysan, to which I received the following response:
15 Sharaf 90 [14 January 1934]
Your comprehensive and refreshing report of Masa'il 90, on the condition of the Baha'is in Saysan, the detailed account of the repairs done on the Haziratu'l-Quds, the establishment of the schools for boys and girls, and the other Baha'i institutions and activities, was received in the holy presence of the Guardian of the Cause of God. . . .  and brought much joy and happiness to his heart . . .  He instructed me to write the following: the noble efforts of that worthy servant will not be forgotten.  It is hoped that in the future, in the capital of the country, you will succeed in rendering greater services, and will perform more glorious feats . . . The arena of service will be unboundedly vast in the future.  Please God that you may also be confirmed and honoured to render international services . . .
In the margin, in the handwriting of the beloved Guardian:
O thou loving Friend:
May God confirm you and increase your honour and glory in your efforts to serve His Cause and exalt His Faith.  May He fulfill your heart's desire through His mercy and bounty, and His might and grace.
Now, a few lines will be written about the village of Saysan, which is located on the slope of Sahand mountain.  It has a pleasant summer, but its winter is very severe and cold, especially for those who are not from that area.  Sometimes the snowfall is so extensive that it buries the houses, and people have to make tunnels through the snow to be able to leave and take care of their needs.  Agricultural produce such as wheat, barley, and potatoes is its major source of income, but carpet-weaving and jajim-making (jajim is a coarse, woolen cloth used for bedding, or as a carpet) are also popular in Saysan.  Cattle and sheep raising are very limited.  The Cause of God was first introduced in Saysan during the time of the Bab, and a great number of Shaykhis became Babis.  They were also firm believers when the sun of the Blessed Beauty rose, and many Tablets have been issued in their honour from His Most Exalted Pen.  The following is one of these Tablets from Baha'u'llah, addressed to the Baha'is of Saysan.
In the Name of Him Who is the All-Seeing, the Incomparable.  Unto the friends of Saysan the glad-tidings of the favour of God the Compassionate are announced.  All are, and have been, under the gaze of His tender mercy, and have found their refuge beneath the shadow of God's towering Lote Tree.  Meditate upon the divine grace.  The divines of the world who consider themselves the most learned, the most erudite, the most scholarly, and the most eminent amongst the peoples of the earth, have not attained to one drop from the ocean of His Utterance, nor have they been honoured with the slightest mention in the presence of the Merciful Lord.  Ye, however, by the grace of God, exalted be His glory, have attained to such a station that the Pen of the Most High in the Most Great Prison is remembering you.  Exalted is this high, this supreme station, and this lofty, this most mighty Remembrance.
    A few of the Baha'is of Saysan had the honour of attaining the presence of Baha'u'llah in the prison-city of 'Akka.  A few others, after the ascension of the Blessed Beauty, visited 'Adbu'l-Baha, and certain ones were fortunate enough to serve in the Holy Land during the ministry of the Guardian.  The friends of Saysan have always been very devoted, self-sacrificing, courageous and inflamed with the love of God, and to the best of their ability have extended continually their protection to the oppressed Baha'is of the neighbouring villages.
    Many of the early Baha'is and teachers of the Cause including Aqa Mirza Husayn-i-Zanjani, Aqa Shaykh Ahmad-i-Mu'allim-i-Uskui, and Aqa Siyyid Asadu'llah-i-Qumi from the East, and the immortal Martha Root, Mrs. Keith Ransom-Kehler and others from the West have stopped in this village and, in their memoirs, have given accounts of their meetings with the friends of Saysan.

    The first National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Iran was elected at the close of ASH 1312 (early 1934), and for the first time all the local communities elected their delegates to the National Convention in Tehran.  I was elected as one of the delegates from the province of Adharbayjan, and left Saysan for Tehran a few days before the Convention.  A few years had to elapse before I was again given a chance to revisit Saysan.
Derived From Hand of The Cause of God Mr.Furutan's book.

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